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For the long-term students studying at SILC for one semester or longer, SILC negotiates with cooperative universities to set up admission criteria for each programs. The program admission criteria varies due to different studentsbackground and program types.

The Home Institution will be responsible for screening and selecting students for this Programme, subject to acceptance by the Host Institution. Students must be in good standing at the Home Institution, meet the academic entry requirements of the Host Institution which are applied to regular university students, and be proficient in the language of instruction (generally, English Language) at the Host Institution to qualify for nomination.

With the confirmation of both home and host institutions for the selected students, the confirmed students shall fill in the application form respectively online, and required credentials should be forwarded with the application. Notification of admission and a copy of each notice will be sent to the designated administrative office of the home institution, and administrative office of the home institution will send it to students respectively.



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